Kepadatan Arus Balik Lebaran di Stasiun Senen Jakarta

(Berita Daerah – Jakarta) Kepadatan arus balik penumpang kereta api yang terjadi di Stasiun Senen, Jakarta Pusat, Minggu, (2/7). Banyak penumpang yang baru tiba dari luar kota dan sedang menunggu transportasi yang akan digunakan menuju tujuan akhir.



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  2. did you temper the eggs before you added them? That might be why they cooked when you dumped in….but the soup looks awesome!! Lentil soup’s supposed to be hearty no?

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  4. What a super clever idea for these yummy droolworthy little pastry bites. I purposely bought corn flour because I saw a cream filling recipe just like yours on another blog a while ago, and I'm so happy to find that you make it the same way. I'm in love with this super easy, dessert with the strawberry decoration.Thank for sharing, Priya:DDD

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  9. Hej igen. Nummer 22 – dahkl – blev fel. Den bara klickades iväg… Ta gärna bort den. Det är nummer 23 som är rätt! Tack pÃ¥ förhand!

  10. I remember little cake bites and I definitely know about German Chocolate Cake! I love German Chocolate and these little cake bites look wonderful! How fun to have found the recipe in your collection.

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